Ohio Bridgescape Academies Exceed State Expectations

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EdisonLearning’s two Bridgescape Academies in Columbus, Ohio – Capital High School and Road to Success Academy – both “Exceed Standards” for the important Gap Closing component of the Ohio School Report Cards for the 2017-18 school year.

The Gap Closing component shows how well schools are meeting the performance expectations for all students, especially our most vulnerable populations of students, in English language arts, math and graduation, and how they are doing in teaching English learners to become proficient in English.

Community schools that serve a majority of their students through dropout prevention and recovery programs receive this report card. Rather than A-F grades, dropout prevention and recovery schools receive one of the following ratings for report card measures – Exceeds Standards, Meets Standards, or Does Not Meet Standards.

Capital High and Road to Success also “Meet Standards” for the Combined Graduation rating, as well as for the critical “Overall Rating.”

Ohio School Report Cards give your community a clear picture of the progress of your district and schools in raising achievement and preparing students for the future. The information measures district and school performance in the areas most critical to success in learning. Ohio School Report Cards data shows educators, school administrators and families where their schools are succeeding as well as areas where they need to improve.