EdisonLearning Announces New Project Based Learning Curriculum

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EdisonLearning enhances rigor and student engagement with the launch of our new Project Based Learning Curriculum. We are excited to partner with CAOLA and GLM to provide 48 new action projects within the above eCourse curriculum for Fall 2018.

This curriculum will be the combination of engaging and interactive content of our Mastery Projects with our rigorous competency-based learning objects and assessments. In each course, students are challenged to apply the curriculum to applications in their community and their world. Students leave each of their courses with a digital portfolio of self-created products as evidence of their learning.

Examples of Mastery Projects

Students will connect their learning to real-world experiences through project-based inquiry! In the Math mastery project Art In Numbers students are faced with the question…

How do we interpret our culture through numbers?

In this mastery project students will learn the basics of exponents, scientific notation, and polynomials. They will explore how these mathematical concepts are applied through the work of artist Chris Jordan and visit a local facility that manages waste on a large scale. In their final project, students select an important number they feel society should pay attention to, and create a work of art that draws attention to that number.

Students will be able to take their passion for English and dive into the Freedom Song mastery project where they will have the opportunity to answer the question…

What is your freedom song?

Students will define sarvodaya, analyze examples of it from history, and learn to analyze the underlying causes of conflict and violence. They will then take what they learned and conduct an interview with someone who has witnessed or experienced segregation. Finishing up, students will write and present a freedom song for a civil rights leader they admire, and one that outlines the struggles they face in their own lives.