EdisonLearning Alternative Learning Programs Have Now Produced More Than 3,200 High School Graduates


Over the past seven years since EdisonLearning opened drop-out recovery centers in Ohio, later to be branded Bridgescape Learning Academies; the company’s alternative learning program has grown and resulted in more than 3,200 students earning their high school diplomas in Chicago, Ohio, and Florida; as well as at Theodore Roosevelt College and Career Academy in Gary, Indiana.

Just as important as the total number of graduates, has been the progressive rise in the overall yearly graduation rate.  This year, the graduation rate for the Bridgescape Academies in Chicago was an impressive 92 percent.

As was stated in 2011, when the Bridgescape program was created:

“With the number one predictor of success in life being a high school diploma, EdisonLearning is accelerating its efforts to provide an effective and personalized program for those students who want to graduate from high school.  The leading international educational solutions provider’s Bridgescape Dropout Recovery and Prevention Centers will provide at-risk and recently dropped-out high school students the chance to earn diplomas.”

Six years later, it is clear that the company is “advancing our belief that every student – given the right tools, support and environment – is capable of exceeding their expectations, and complete their high school education, giving them the ability to continue onto college, attend vocational school, or enter the workforce.”