Dynamic Instruction for Student Achievement: A Threefold Approach


Creating schools where all students, regardless of race or socioeconomic circumstances, have the opportunity to unlock their full potential is at the center of EdisonLearning’s mission. Our portfolio of schools reflects this commitment.

Our educational design was developed to address the most critical needs of schools challenged by socioeconomic conditions: closing the achievement gap, improving the quality of teaching, increasing graduation and college acceptance rates, creating inclusive and vibrant learning environments, and developing outstanding urban school leaders.

The EdisonLearning Framework for Learning and Teaching (EFLT) is a fast-track growth model to improve teacher quality. The framework focuses on the key pedagogical levers that improve student achievement and deepen the learning culture within classrooms. We conducted over 1,000 teacher evaluations using the EFLT and concluded the following:

  • Beginning and developing teachers were least effective in guiding students in building connections between meaning and knowledge.
  • Inexperienced teachers infrequently and inconsistently integrated tools to increase mental connections: Tools for Replay, Tools for Assimilation, Tools for Structured Thinking, and Tools for Metacognition.
  • During the Cycle of Instruction, Guided Practice was consistently underutilized to fill gaps and clarify misconceptions in learning objectives.

In response to these results, the achievement team identified the most challenging learning objectives and created short achievement videos to model structured thinking. These videos were then paired with our Project Based Learning curriculum to guide the students in building connections between meaning and knowledge. The videos and companion Action Projects are used with Beginning and Developing teachers as a valuable coaching tool to improve the quality of teaching.