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With the number one predictor of success in life being a high school diploma, Bridgescape® is the leading alternative learning program for students who are at risk of leaving school or have already left school. Bridgescape’s flexible environment empowers students to develop individual graduation plans, receive a high school diploma and realize their potential.

We are expanding our reach, increasing our enrollment and improving our graduation rates year after year. Since opening the first Bridgescape Academy in 2011, there have been 1,000 graduates nationwide.

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Bridgescape® is unique in its full-service approach to recruitment and enrollment. We successfully recruit students around the country, utilizing the expertise and resources of our highly skilled staff. In addition, our blended-learning curriculum is responsive to the lives of Bridgescape students and provides real-world connections to work and continual study, ensuring relevance and sustained interest in the program.


Bridgescape® Academies provide safe, accessible environments for students to earn their high school diplomas and are located within the communities where the students live. We believe that part of building a strong community involves bringing resources to the communities with the greatest need. As a result, our academies are located within urban communities. We know that a key ingredient of program success is a location that is safe, easily accessible and customized to meet the needs of our students.